Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit Capsules are prepared from pure and natural Shilajit which is considered as an excellent health tonic. Benefits of Shilajit Capsules include its rich and high-grade therapeutic properties. It helps to boost overall fitness and general well being of a person. This herbal product trickles down from fissures of rocks found in the Himalayas. Shilajit has been used for centuries for treating various physical and mental disorders of the human beings. Numerous ayurvedic companies are using Shilajit extracts to make capsules for the benefit of each and every person.


Shilajit is the most important Ayurvedic herbal remedy. In the Ayurvedic texts it is called as Silajatu or Shilajatu, but is commonly known as Shilajit.

  • Its Sanskrit meaning is "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness."
  • Shilajit usually collected over the ground or is found flowing out from between fissures in the rocks in summer months due to strong heat of the sun.
  • Shilajit has been used for thousands of years and for as many different health problems.
  • Shilajit is a humus rich blackish-brown substance, which is very useful in many diseases.
  • The main source of Shilajit in India is the Himalaya, where the Shilajit is found oozing out from the cracks of rocks in the form of a red to dark brown gummy substance.
  • The four main constituents of the Shilajit are gold, silver, copper and iron.
  • According to the predominant composition of the elements, he classified Shilajit as Swarna Shilajit (containing maximum gold), Rajat Shilajit (containing maximum silver), Tamra Shilajit (containing maximum copper) and Lauha Shilajit (containing maximum iron). Lauha Shilajit is black in color.
  • Modern research has shown that Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals in different ionic forms and also a very effective acid known as fulvic acid.


  • Shilajit help reduce stress and thus increases as the memory and damage to the brain, muscle and nerve can be recovered.
  • It also improves the immune system.
  • Shilajit is also very useful in the body, purifying the blood, helps improve circulation and blood flow.
  • Helps improve digestion and strengthen the function of the pancreas.
  • Shilajit helps increase sexual energy and stamina. This is a very common and useful herb.
  • Protects the liver, pancreas and thyroid gland.
  • Maintains heart health and controls high blood pressure.
  • Helpful in the treatment of arthritis, joint pains and reduces inflammation.
  • Useful in the treatment of urinary diseases and removes toxins from the body.


  • Shilajit is a natural health tonic that retains your youthful vigour.
  • These capsules are recommended as general tonic & for a wide range of common ailments including bronchial disorders, skin ailments, piles, anaemia, inflammation, excess fat & digestive disorders like dyspepsia, worms & constipation.
  • Shilajeet is an excellent restorative and rejuvenating tonic that ensures extreme physical performance for the individual and lead to balanced and harmonious health.
  • Regular usage of Shilajit helps body and mind to acclimatize to the new and varied environmental, climatic and social conditions without much stress.
  • Shilajit is a powerful sex stimulant, which improves sexual health and acts as a rejuvenator to increase stamina, vigor and vitality.
  • In Ayurveda, it is a mixture of natural ingredients that boosts the immune system and optimizes physical performance.
  • In its raw form, Shilajit is a semi-hard, brownish black to dark, greasy, black resin that has a distinctive smell and taste.
  • Shilajit is best health tonic now available in Capsule form.
  • Shilajit is helpful in maintainece of calcium metabolism in the body. Along with it, shilajit is also helpful in phosphorus, and magnesium metabolism of the body.
  • Shilajit is very helpful in diabetes mellitus cases i.e. people with sugar problem. It helps in maintaining the normal sugar level in the body.
  • Shilajit helps in promoting the metabolism of protein that inturn progresses nucleic acid metabolism to generate energy in body.
  • Shilajit is helpful in normal absorption if various vitamins and minerals that somehow gets disturbed in the body.
  • It is a well known fact that shilajit helps in making our nervous system strong and also help in retading the ageing process.
  • Shilajit is also helpful in increasing the blood count of the body.


  • Planet Ayurveda is major manufacturers of shilajit in India.
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  • It is pure and 100% natural capsules. Our shilajit capsules do not contain any preservatives, raw shilajit or synthetic chemicals.
  • Planet Ayurveda Shilajit capsules contain 500mg standardized extract of raw shilajit.
  • These capsules are more effective in small doses and without any side effects.
  • Our shilajit capsules are packed in vegetarian capsule shells.
  • Planet Ayurveda shilajit capsules are made from plant cellulose and not from hard gelatin which are made from chemicals and cheap.

Side Effects:

No side effect has been reported with the regular use of shilajit.


2 Shilajit Capsules twice daily, with plain water or milk after meals.